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Prison Water

Monthly Playslists

Pure Unevil- Playlist #1

1- Thoughts of You (Max Shrager)

2- Feeling Gay (Black Lips)

3- The Overachievers (Liars)

4- (David Bowie I Love You) Since I Was Six (Jessica Lea Mayfield, Dan Auerbach)

5- Protection (Liars)

6- Rats Man (Ganglians)

7- Hearts On Fire (The Range of Light Wilderness)

8- Purple Hay (Trance Farmers)

9- Oblivious (Jessica Lea Mayfield)

10- Child of God (Josephine Foster)

11- Cancion Mixteca (Harry Dean Stanton)

12- Eraser (No Age)

13- Green Fuz (The Cramps)

14- Last Kind Words Blues (Geeshie Wiley)

15- Written In Your Hair (Robert Lester Folsom)

16- Escarpment (No Age)

17- Spoiled (Sebadoh)

18- Ethio Song (Amen Dunes)

19- That Lonesome Road (Lonnie Johnson)

20- White Awakening- Version 2 (Les Rallizes Dénudés

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